Friday, January 16, 2009

Simple Scrapbooks is no more :(

I am actually really sad this morning. What do i do first thing in the morning, go read my blogs. First up Emilie Ahern. And there it is - she mentions Simple Scrapbooks is closing. I almost thought i was dreaming - but clicking on this link on saw that is really true. Then went to my next two stops, Stacey Julian and Cathy Zielske and the same messages. It is really a sad sad day in the scrapbooking world. I just finally signed up for a subscription to Simple and am awaiting my first in the mail soon. I am so sorry for what the scrapbook industry will be loosing, a fantastic magazine, but sorry for all of those people who are out of a job. Hopefully they will find something soon. 

My Sweet Daughter when she asked why i was sad, i said why, that my fav magazine was no more. She said don't worry Mamma, I will share my magazines with you. So so sweet

Thanks for all the get wishes. I had a terrible tummy bug and felt so terrible all Wednesday. But woke up Thursday almost a new woman, so i am feeling 95% better. It is going around, Dylan has had it, Alexandra has had it, 6 kids at her school have had it. Dont you just love winter! 

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Karen W said...

This make me very sad, I really like what they have done with the last several issues. I guess, I won't be recycling my old issues for awhile.

It will deserve a picture for my 365 project