Monday, January 19, 2009

Here it is, my scrapbooking corner!

A good view over my scrap table.  Sewing Machine is under the table ready to be pulled up when i need to use it. All the boxes hold some kits that i need to put together. Love my Making Memories  storage unit - VERY tempted to get the matching piece for the Slice. 
A view from the doorway as you come into the room. 
A view from over on the "playroom" side. 
My cabinent. Rolf talked me into getting it. Wasnt sure at first but it is fabulous. Its called USM and i think is available world wide. I have all my thickers in the blue basket on the left at the top. Next to that is my cardstock and then pattern paper and also kits in cropper hopper storage. I really do not have a ton of pattern paper. Then are some empty albums. Finally on the right in the basket are my other alpha stickers. The bottom of the cabinent stores some of my inspiration books, magazines and four baskets. The four baskets contains. 1. chipboard mini albums 2. other kids of mini albums 3. misc embellishments that are divided in ziplock bags 4. Scrapmuse Kits (the embellishments)I have to start using more of my kits as it is full 
Inside the first section. all my ribbon are still in the jars with magnets. The wooden draws have misc tools, altered art supplies, and lots of adhesive. The metal basket on top holds some embellishments that i want to see annd the two clear containers hold rub ons and misc alphabets
Next one dow holds my stamping supplies. The folder on the left holds my clear stamps (organized just like Jennifer McGuire) then the two clear boxes hold all stamping supplies including stamp pads, baby wipes, embossing dryer, etc. Next along are my foam stamps. 

Here i store a lot more embellishments. The two little boxes on the left have misc stickers that dont come under any catogries. The four draws are divided into birthdays, holidays, vaction/season, kids/family/baby. 
Inside here i store my Curvy Cutter that i got for christmas as well as threads in the middle glass jar. And some empty jars behind that for anything else that might wonder into my room. The right you can see my Xyron 150 and behind that the 250. Also the rest is my chipboard embellishments and alphabets. 
My cork board - which i would love to do up - just have no idea what i want to do with it. It will be my inspiration board and holds my clipboard below for my LOM class. Getting excited about that!

These three boxes are long clear containers. The bottom one is on wheels. The bottom container is my gift box. So all the things i buy that i think will make great gifts get put in here. I like that it is still hidden enough away from my kids but easy enough for me to get to. The middle box has all my extra scrapbooking supplies. Page protectors, all sized zip lock bags, extra albums etc. Things i rarely touch. The top box stores all my Christmas supplies. This Christmas was the first Christmas as a scrapbooker and i quickly outgrew the small container i was holding all my holiday supplies in. Now Christmas has it own largish box. On the very top is a tray that i use to take a project out to the lounge room so i can spend some time with Rolf once in awhile. 


Karen W said...

Thanks for giving us a tour of your scrap room. You are very organized. I see a layout for these photos.

Sara Ancich said...

So cheerful and bright. i would love to work there. thanks for sharing.