Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!!!!!

Happy Australia Day!
Even though i have been in Switzerland for nearly 8 years now, it is still strange to celebrate Australia Day in the cold. No going to the beach for a BBQ or going for a swim. No walking around in flip flops. Instead lots of layers and the tendency to stay in doors. 

Today though i am celebrating with my fellow Aussie friends. We are meeting for lunch. I am sure there will be lots of Aussie goodies - and I am bringing a pavlova that i made last night. Just had to whip up some cream and prepare the passionfruit and kiwi fruit ready to go. Dylan has his wallabies onsie on and Alexandra took her puzzle of the map of Australia to playgroup. Must find my Aussie scarf!

So Happy Australia Day where you are!

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Kylee said...

Happy Australia Day Kristin. I hope you had a great day celebrating with fellow Aussies away from home. My day here was pretty low-key (recovering from my long drive home from the Sunshine Coast). I love you flag photo - did you take that?