Friday, January 9, 2009

More photos from my week

Monday was back to school. Alexandra went to Teddy Bär in the morning and Dylan and I tidyed up my Scrap space and the playroom. In the evening we went upstairs to the in-laws and ate the 3 Kings Cake. Its a sweet bread that is eaten around the 6th Jan to celebrate 3 Kings Day. It is divided into 6 little rolls around a  large roll in the middle (sorry forgot my camera when we went up there) anyway there is a little king hidden in one of them. Ok hard to explain but if you got this far, good on you!!! So Dylan choose one this year and lucky him there was a king inside his, so he got a crown! and to be King for Tuesday, but he is always the king so nothing new there. 
I woke up feeling a little off color so didnt go to Physio. I did a little surfing looking for some cheap tickets to fly home to Australia for a bit in March with Alexandra. We want to meet little Jaxon before he grows up too much. So off searching i go. Some how i ended up on a UK site and found out flights are soo much cheaper if you fly out of London (even with the ticket from Zurich to London) so i saved a lot of money and get to fly on the A380. Very excited about that. With Singapore Air you can choose your seats online and so Alexandra and I will be sitting UPSTAIRS in economy. How cool is that!
We didnt have the greatest of starts. Alexandra woke up early, and then was sick every hour after that till the afternoon. Poor little thing, it hurt her a lot and she screamed so much when she was sick. She did have a nap too, but didnt move far from the TV at all. So not like her. I got a phone call from Beck - my best friend in Australia - i told her that we have tickets all booked! She then asked me to be Godmother to her son - i was so surprised and honoured. I can't wait to head back and see them all. 

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