Thursday, January 8, 2009

P365 and a nice surprise!

No posts since the weekend as my little girl has been ill. Great start to the week that was suppose to begin normality. So we have had some nice days at home. 

Photo from Sunday 
It was a great feeling taking down all the Christmas decorations. And cleaning up the place again. It looks so bare but also so free. Here is my photo of our Christmas Tree after it was thrown out the window, ready to be taken to the street to be collected. 

Will post more photos of this week tomorrow when i get a chance. 

But i did want to share today's photo - I got an email this morning from BPS saying that our packages had been sent out today for Library of Memories. So you can imagine my suprise when i opened my mailbox this morning to find a big package from BPS. I am so excited about starting this class. It's lucky that i have found this so early on, I  have only been scrapbooking for a year now. So the countdown has begun. 

Another countdown has begun too. 57 days till Alexandra and I head Downunder - so excited. 


MAM said...

You are going to just love this class! Isn't happy mail fantastic!

Monica (LOM Alumni)

Karen W said...

Don't you just love getting your scrapbook packages in the mail. I have taken several courses from BPS and have loved everyone of them. I like your word of the year. I am alittle slow to choose mine this year.
Take care