Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scrap space

I am having a lot of trouble taking photos of my scrap space without a flash. So here is the only photo that really turned out well enough. All of the shelves and bars on the wall are new and all are from my big IKEA trip on Thursday. 

The top shelf on the wall has a orange bucket (from Jysk) with currently nothing in it. Then the jar (from IKEA) has my treats in them Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! They are up high so i have longer to think about if i need one when reaching for the jar. Then the frame next to it is from IKEA and i used my new Butterfly Punch to make a collage like Ali Edwards. I used my fav papers of 2008, Pink Pailsee - Spring Fling Collection. 

The next shelf down has another bucket from Jsyk but in blue which stores my mini alphabet stamps, next to that is one of my background stamps i want to remember to use and then in the big glass jar in the middle is my wooden stamps. Far right is a clear container that i just got at a local shop and contains my square punched photos of my family and good friends to make personality pages with (idea from Stacy Julian i think!)

Down another level and we are at the top of the little shelves from IKEA, the Hensvik line. Here is another little green bucket from Jsyk (BTW Jsyk is i suppose a mini Danish IKEA that opened up here in Switzerland a couple of years ago) More clear IKEA glass jars this time filled with my AC ribbon and some felt, and of course some tissues. 

In the bookshelves themselves is little jars again from IKEA. Top three shelves are all my flowers and then the bottom two are little things, brads etc. divided by color. the last little shelf has my new Canon photo printer. 

The bars hung on the other wall are also from IKEA found in the kitchen department. I have been able to hang all my punches from them and the little ones that didnt hang are in the basket on the middle row. I have my acrylic paints in one basket at the top and have hung my trimmer with hooks. The big wire basket in the middle right has a cutter mat in it at the moment, but will store my new goodies as they come in, be that a new kit or just goodies in general. The bottom little bar has an empty (for now) black bucket and then a basket that holds the printing paper and other things for my photo printer, and the right black bucket has paint brushes in it. 

Will wait and see if the lighting in the room changes today and try and take some nicer photos later on.

Happy Sunday to everyone!!


Phyllis said...

it looks GREAT!!!!

Kylee said...

Wow, Kristin that looks great! You have given me some ideas. IKEA here I come!!! LOL

Karen W said...

IKEA is great - I miss it since I moved here to North Carolina. I just to have one 15 m inuts away