Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back home

I am back home! We arrived last Friday and I have been enjoying spending time with Rolf and Dylan who we missed so much while we were away. I have had a hard time getting over the jet lag this time, so it has been a slow process of getting back into regular life. I think last night was my best nights sleep yet so today I have been getting on top of things, sorting through photos, doing a ton of washing, catch up on LOM classes and hanging out with Dylan. 

When i get another moment I will post some more photos from our trip!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A couple of photos

For some reason I have not taken that many photos this time. The strangest thing. I think cause it took me so long to get into it when we arrived. Anyway here are some promised photos. 

Nono and Alexandra at Sea World on Elmo's plane ride. 

The first thing Alexandra did when we got into the hotel room at Sea World was jump into her PJs and into bed with Upsy Daisy and a bag of grapes. 

Alexandra LOVES that she can get HUGE glasses of chocolate milk. 

The weather over the past days has been fantastic and we have had a lot of blue skies and sun. Did get a little burnt though on Monday. My skin is just not used to the sun anymore. I put sunscreen on 3 times and just wasnt enough. We had fun at Sea World. Alexandra loved seeing Elmo and even got her photo taken with Elmo and Cookie Monster - but that we had to buy so i will scan that photo in when we are back in Switzerland. 

Time is going by so fast. We are leaving Dad and Suzi's today and heading back to Beck and Andys. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yes I am still here!

It has been hard having no internet connection for the past couple of days. Crazy how much you depend on it. 

Things are going well here. Having a lovely time. I spent the last two nights with my Grandparents which was nice. I actually made it to TWO small scrapbook stores yesterday. It was so fun just been able to walk around and check out things in person. They didnt have many new things though, so I didnt buy too much. I am now at my Dads for a couple of days.

Well I should get off before i get thrown off the computer! I hope to get back on tomorrow with some photos

Monday, March 9, 2009

We have arrived

We have arrived safely Downunder.
It was a very very long journey, not looking forward to the trip back.
All went well except that Alexandra would get sick everytime she was brought a meal. She is not so experienced at being sick into a little bag so we used up all our spare clothes. Poor girl. She is ok now, well except for a cough.

We were met by Mum, Mel, Jon, Beck, Andy and baby Jaxon at the airport. So great to see everyone. After a quick catch up it was time to head back to Beck and Andy's place. Alexandra got to sit in her new car seat and was impressed - she kept saying its just like Harrison's. We didnt have a great first night. Alexandra was up at 2am. I looked at my phone and i saw 5.15 - didnt look at it properly, cause it was actually 5,15pm in Switzerland not Australia. So we watched a little tv on the iPods and tried to get some more sleep. We finally got up round 6am and I went back for a little nap here and there. We then all headed out to visit Nan and Pa and also Nono in the morning. On the way home we got some hot chips from Aussie Rooster and came back and had long naps in the afternoon.

Today will be a fun day. About to head out shopping. We had a much better night. Alexandra slept all the way tilll 7am and me till almost 6am.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My bags are packed!

My bags are packed and ready to be taken to the airport! I am so excited to head Downunder, but nervous at the same time. I think I will feel better when we are all checked in and have boarding tickets in our hands, or better still, when we are safe and sound in Australia. I am also very nervous about leaving Dylan, but know he will be fine with Rolf. 

Not sure how much I will be able to post while I am away, but I hope to be able to show you my purchases! and great Scrapbooking finds. I have a list of all the stores around where I will be so watch this space! 

Here is a sneek peek at the album I am giving my Godson for his Christening. (Beck if you are reading - close this page now! - no peeking.) 

I wanted to make him something and was thinking hard as to what it could be. I was then out shopping with my Sister and her boyfriend while they were visiting us and we were shopping for Swiss Chocolate! I then saw this tin and instantly thought - MINI ALBUM! So gave the chocolates to Rolf and started working on an Christening mini album for my Godson. Its very simple inside but I wanted that Beck will be able to put the finishing touches to it once the photos are in after the big day. But then again, maybe I won't let her ;) and I will have to finish it off before i go. I really hope that they like it, I really think it  is something that he will be able to keep for years to come. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Check out Scrapmuse!

Traci just realeased on Sunday the sneek peek for the March kit at Scrapmuse

I particularly am in love with those library cards. Also I ordered an embellishment kit, love all of it and can't wait to play with it when i get back Australia. I just love how there has been a lot of thickers in the kits these past months. I heart Thickers!!!!!!

Things are nearly ready for Australia. Just got a couple more things to do and get to the packing. Dylan hasn't been the best this week, and his naps have been short and he wakes up crying :(. Hope its just his teeth coming through. So i better get back to my ironing and check another thing of my LONG list. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So so so excited

I am so so so excited that I got into Karen Russell's photography class for the summer class, starting in June. Can't wait to start to learn all about my camera and finally be able to take better photos. 

I know this class is going to want me to upgrade from my inbetween camera to a SLR, so I will be sending out A LOT of hints to my family to chip in for my christmas present! Its never to early to give hints is it???

Have been doing a lot of printing out today. Lots of journalling cards ready to cut out and fill up my P365 album. I realised that not having the cards ready to journal each day has been my downfall. But not any longer. I have a container ready to take the cards with me to Australia, so will be able to journal even when I am there.