Friday, March 6, 2009

My bags are packed!

My bags are packed and ready to be taken to the airport! I am so excited to head Downunder, but nervous at the same time. I think I will feel better when we are all checked in and have boarding tickets in our hands, or better still, when we are safe and sound in Australia. I am also very nervous about leaving Dylan, but know he will be fine with Rolf. 

Not sure how much I will be able to post while I am away, but I hope to be able to show you my purchases! and great Scrapbooking finds. I have a list of all the stores around where I will be so watch this space! 

Here is a sneek peek at the album I am giving my Godson for his Christening. (Beck if you are reading - close this page now! - no peeking.) 

I wanted to make him something and was thinking hard as to what it could be. I was then out shopping with my Sister and her boyfriend while they were visiting us and we were shopping for Swiss Chocolate! I then saw this tin and instantly thought - MINI ALBUM! So gave the chocolates to Rolf and started working on an Christening mini album for my Godson. Its very simple inside but I wanted that Beck will be able to put the finishing touches to it once the photos are in after the big day. But then again, maybe I won't let her ;) and I will have to finish it off before i go. I really hope that they like it, I really think it  is something that he will be able to keep for years to come. 


Phyllis said...

hope the flight went well and your bags made it! miss y'all already but know y'all are having fun!

Karen W said...

Great idea! Your are so creative!