Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week in the life - Thursday

So i am rather behind.
I did take the photos but a cold and a very busy weekend got in my way. 
So here i am playing catch up 

Our thursday from last week

Dylan found his Wiggles hat and was almost going to wear it 
But then thought his rain jacket was the way to go.
Alexandra didnt forget to brush her teether before school 
And off to school we go 

It was 9 degrees when we headed out to school that morning. 
I then headed back home after drop off and attempted to do a tidy up 
Tried to make Quinoa brocoli for dinner - only i ate it

It was even warm enough for the kids to play outside in the evening 

Phyllis came back from the State and had lots of goodies for me including some great party bags for Ali's bday this weekend 
and 2 real simples too 
And the sunset at the end of the day

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the life - Wednesday

Today started off really well but by the afternoon i was feeling rather off color so the photos stopped. I did though remember to take my sunset pic though


So Wednesday started off well. The sun was shining so we decided to head outside and do some gardening. Before i got out there i did some ironing and had a nice chat to my Grandma.
Kids entertained themselves

First plan was to take out all the stones out of the garden


Dylan has decided it would be fun to keep throwing them off the balcony so we had to get rid of them - too dangerous with kids walking near our balcony on their way to school.

Then we got to work planting the strawberry plants and tomatoes too.

We were very excited to see plane flying in the sky too

No TV week  - 3rd day in went really well too

no kid asked for it at all today - except when we were at a friends place in the afternoon.

Slowly at around 3.30 i started to get a sore throat and by the time i got home all i wanted to do was go to bed. Some how made the kids some sort of dinner and then headed to bed once Rolf got in. I feel asleep at 8.15pm


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the life - Tuesday


What a very busy day Tuesday has been.

We all got up a little earlier than usual and got ready to head to school. 

As there is no TV in our household this week, watching the news has been the one difficulty so have resorted to the internet

Alexandra again today did not want to go to school and was complaining of a "tummy ache" to try and get out of it. But once we got in the car she had forgotten all about it. After a quick drop off, we got there by the way in record time as the local schools are on spring break i headed to get some diesel and go went to go meet up with Fiona and Logan



Fiona and i had made very last minute plans to drive into Zurich to pick up my seamless background paper and then head to toys r us.


We ended up detouring via IKEA for some lunch and some shopping too


Before we knew it what was going to be a quick trip ended up being a whole day outing and it was time to head back to Zug and pick up the kiddies.

On the way home from school with the kids we dropped into the Garden Centre.

When i got home there was a lot in the car, and took quite a number of trips to get everything inside

we got home just in time before the rain hit. I really thought we would of had a chance to do a little gardening when we got home - but that will have to now wait for Wednesday


Was able to get Dylan a Zhu Zhu pet while out today - he was happy to have one too now

Wasnt able to wait for exact sunset as I had to head out to Mahjong but was able to capture this

Played Mahjong and really had a lovely time

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in your life - Monday

It has come around again, time to join Ali Edwards and document the week in the life on the Reinhards!


Today got off to a great start.
Had the normal everyday things to do first


Last night Rolf and I had decided to start a no TV week today, so I was really interested as to see how the kids reacted. Alexandra remembered as soon as she got up but Dylan didnt and went to put a DVD on. I then turned the power off to the TV and DVD so that there will be no temptations. I was really surprised at how the kids reacted. Only when Dylan was napping was it a little more difficult. Alexandra looses her room and toys while he naps but she then decided to have some Mama time instead so we read Creating Keepsakes Magazines together.


In the morning the kids both did some drawing and cutting and pasting. The play dough also got taken out and there was lots of cutting out and rolling to be done. I was able to hang out in my studio room (the room that now houses my photography equipment and my scrapbooking supplies) and finally take some time to tidy it all up. Alexandra and Dylan popped in now and again and Alexandra also got to go through some of my supplies that i no longer want.


In the afternoon, Alexandra hung out a bit upstairs and I was able to finish off the room, hang the washing out OUTSIDE!,


and chill with Dylan. Dylan did ask for the TV to be put on when he woke up but once i told him that we werent watching tv today he said ok and found something else to do. The kids also played under the clothes stand too, pretending to be cats.



What was difficult TV wise was not being able to watch CNN when i wanted. I am obviously watching with much anticipation on what is going to happen with this volcano as I head to Australia in 13 days. So i spent some time on the net checking up on the latest -which is Zurich is closed till 8am Tuesday morning.


After dinner when we went upstairs I was able to catch a quick look at the news.

Oh and another exciting thing i did today :) I almost forgot. I finally registered my own domain name for my photography business!! Finally feel like the ball is starting to roll.


Wow what a day