Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in your life - Monday

It has come around again, time to join Ali Edwards and document the week in the life on the Reinhards!


Today got off to a great start.
Had the normal everyday things to do first


Last night Rolf and I had decided to start a no TV week today, so I was really interested as to see how the kids reacted. Alexandra remembered as soon as she got up but Dylan didnt and went to put a DVD on. I then turned the power off to the TV and DVD so that there will be no temptations. I was really surprised at how the kids reacted. Only when Dylan was napping was it a little more difficult. Alexandra looses her room and toys while he naps but she then decided to have some Mama time instead so we read Creating Keepsakes Magazines together.


In the morning the kids both did some drawing and cutting and pasting. The play dough also got taken out and there was lots of cutting out and rolling to be done. I was able to hang out in my studio room (the room that now houses my photography equipment and my scrapbooking supplies) and finally take some time to tidy it all up. Alexandra and Dylan popped in now and again and Alexandra also got to go through some of my supplies that i no longer want.


In the afternoon, Alexandra hung out a bit upstairs and I was able to finish off the room, hang the washing out OUTSIDE!,


and chill with Dylan. Dylan did ask for the TV to be put on when he woke up but once i told him that we werent watching tv today he said ok and found something else to do. The kids also played under the clothes stand too, pretending to be cats.



What was difficult TV wise was not being able to watch CNN when i wanted. I am obviously watching with much anticipation on what is going to happen with this volcano as I head to Australia in 13 days. So i spent some time on the net checking up on the latest -which is Zurich is closed till 8am Tuesday morning.


After dinner when we went upstairs I was able to catch a quick look at the news.

Oh and another exciting thing i did today :) I almost forgot. I finally registered my own domain name for my photography business!! Finally feel like the ball is starting to roll.


Wow what a day

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