Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the life - Tuesday


What a very busy day Tuesday has been.

We all got up a little earlier than usual and got ready to head to school. 

As there is no TV in our household this week, watching the news has been the one difficulty so have resorted to the internet

Alexandra again today did not want to go to school and was complaining of a "tummy ache" to try and get out of it. But once we got in the car she had forgotten all about it. After a quick drop off, we got there by the way in record time as the local schools are on spring break i headed to get some diesel and go went to go meet up with Fiona and Logan



Fiona and i had made very last minute plans to drive into Zurich to pick up my seamless background paper and then head to toys r us.


We ended up detouring via IKEA for some lunch and some shopping too


Before we knew it what was going to be a quick trip ended up being a whole day outing and it was time to head back to Zug and pick up the kiddies.

On the way home from school with the kids we dropped into the Garden Centre.

When i got home there was a lot in the car, and took quite a number of trips to get everything inside

we got home just in time before the rain hit. I really thought we would of had a chance to do a little gardening when we got home - but that will have to now wait for Wednesday


Was able to get Dylan a Zhu Zhu pet while out today - he was happy to have one too now

Wasnt able to wait for exact sunset as I had to head out to Mahjong but was able to capture this

Played Mahjong and really had a lovely time


Kylee said...

Wow, what a day!! :)

You have some great photos Kristin. How are you putting them all together?? Will you be showing us the finished product?

Kristin Reinhard said...

Thanks Kylee. Not 100% sure what way i am going to go yet. May use Ali's 81/2x11 templates you can buy at designer digitals but not sure where i could get those printed.