Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the life - Wednesday

Today started off really well but by the afternoon i was feeling rather off color so the photos stopped. I did though remember to take my sunset pic though


So Wednesday started off well. The sun was shining so we decided to head outside and do some gardening. Before i got out there i did some ironing and had a nice chat to my Grandma.
Kids entertained themselves

First plan was to take out all the stones out of the garden


Dylan has decided it would be fun to keep throwing them off the balcony so we had to get rid of them - too dangerous with kids walking near our balcony on their way to school.

Then we got to work planting the strawberry plants and tomatoes too.

We were very excited to see plane flying in the sky too

No TV week  - 3rd day in went really well too

no kid asked for it at all today - except when we were at a friends place in the afternoon.

Slowly at around 3.30 i started to get a sore throat and by the time i got home all i wanted to do was go to bed. Some how made the kids some sort of dinner and then headed to bed once Rolf got in. I feel asleep at 8.15pm


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Kylee said...

Oh no... I hope you're feeling OK... Sometimes you just need to relax :) I love your photo of the kids and their stuffed toys. Oh, and the sunset photo too - excellent!