Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A couple of photos

For some reason I have not taken that many photos this time. The strangest thing. I think cause it took me so long to get into it when we arrived. Anyway here are some promised photos. 

Nono and Alexandra at Sea World on Elmo's plane ride. 

The first thing Alexandra did when we got into the hotel room at Sea World was jump into her PJs and into bed with Upsy Daisy and a bag of grapes. 

Alexandra LOVES that she can get HUGE glasses of chocolate milk. 

The weather over the past days has been fantastic and we have had a lot of blue skies and sun. Did get a little burnt though on Monday. My skin is just not used to the sun anymore. I put sunscreen on 3 times and just wasnt enough. We had fun at Sea World. Alexandra loved seeing Elmo and even got her photo taken with Elmo and Cookie Monster - but that we had to buy so i will scan that photo in when we are back in Switzerland. 

Time is going by so fast. We are leaving Dad and Suzi's today and heading back to Beck and Andys. 


lesley said...

It looks like you're having fun! Hope the rest of the trip goes well.TAKE PHOTOS!!!

Kylee said...

Alexandra looks likes she's really enjoying that chocolate milk!! LOL
I'm sure you having loads of fun, and hope you are enjoying being back home for a little while... :)

Karen W said...

Sounds like everyone is enjoying themselves! Alexandra has such a cute expression on her face drinking her milk!

I was so excited to see photos when your blog popped up! Thanks for sharing.