Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm sick

I'm sick so no posting till i feel better. Hate to feel sick, especially on a Wednesday cause its my scrapping day. You know you are sick when you don't feel like scrapping at all. Poor me :(


mom2three said...

Hope you feel better soon! It seems like it's going around everywhere- my sister and her family all just got better and the sitter and her family are in the middle of everyone being sick. I hope you get lots of rest and get better soon. I've been so enjoying your posts of December and the 365- I'll look forward to seeing more when you are well.

Karen W said...

I agree it is going around. I had pneumonia before Christmas. The cough is still around. Take care of yourself.

Kylee said...

Kristin, I hope you are feeling better soon. I know there's nothing worse than feeling too sick to scrap!! LOL