Monday, January 12, 2009

Project 365

Some more photos from this week for Project 365
Thursday - we stayed at home on Thursday, just to make sure that Alexandra had recovered. I got a chance to work more on my December Daily Album and I really hope that it will be finished by next Wednesday when i scrap with Phyllis and Lesley. 
Saturday - Today I worked really hard. Got up and Rolf had already gone to work. I then took the kids up to the inlaws so i could go shopping for some food. When i got back we had lunch and Dylan went down for a nap. Then the worked begun. I worked so hard cleaning up the masterbedroom. It has become the dumping ground for everything we dont know where to put and so not the most relaxing room. I was having trouble sleeping just thinking of all the work to do in there. So i got to it and it looks now so amazing. Anyway because i was so tired totally forgot to take photos of the room in the daylight and was even too tired to make the curry i had planned on starting (as it has to sit overnight). rolf came home we had raclette, a huge headache formed and so i headed to bed at 8pm. 

Sunday - The headache wasnt totally gone when i woke up so the kids went upstairs again for a bit and Rolf had to go to work for the morning. By lunchtime i felt better. When the kids came back down we watched a little tv and Dylan fell asleep in my arms (love that feeling) he then had a long nap and Alexandra and I had wraps for lunch. Rolf came home and i worked even more on my December Daily Album. When Dylan woke up we headed up the mountain for some Sun. It was beautiful. We had so much fun and lots of fresh air which made me feel so much better. 

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Karen W said...

I love the photo in the mirror. Last year Pat was taking a picture of an entry sign in a park we were going to and she ended up in the picture in the mirror - I love the picture and it became the main photo for the layout.
Hope you are feeling better today