Saturday, January 3, 2009

Project 365

Something i wanted to do this year, even before the KOTM from CK came out, was a photo a day. Here are my photos for this week. Not sure if i will be able to post everyday but want to make sure that by Saturday of each week I have all my photos posted here!

Dec 28, first day of Project 365 (as I want to start on a Sunday) Mel and Jon have arrived from Australia and we took them up to Hoch St├╝ckli to see some snow. Alexandra wanted to show them how she is learning to ski too. It was freezing. We wanted to go up in the morning but       -15C was just a little too cold for our Aussies who arent used to weather this cold. By the afternoon it had warmed up and so we all headed up. It was still cold but we had a good time, watching Alexandra on her skis, doing a bit of sledding and have a warm drink before heading home. 

Dec 29 - Mel and Jon headed to Bern today and Rolf got ill so he stayed in bed all day. He was suppose to go back to work but had to take one more day off. Poor thing. The kids and I just hung around at home, not doing much. For dinner (photo to come - so this above photo will have to do - its on Jon's camera) we all went upstairs to Rolf's parents for dinner. We had cheese fondue. It was so yummy. 
Dec 30 - We hung around all together today. Rolf went back to work and Jon, Mel, the kids and I went shopping for food for New Years Eve. There were quiet a few people out and about. For dinner we organized to have Pizza Dome. It was a present Rolf and I recieved from our wedding and love to bring it out when we have guests. Everyone gets to make their own mini pizzas and cook them themselves in a Ceramic Dome like oven. They come out looking like this - so yum.

Dec 31 - New Years Eve. Mel and Jon went to Zurich today and the kids and I hung around the house cleaning and tidying ready for a little party with the Smith's in the evening. I got all the food ready and they came around 7.30pm We ate a lot and drank some too and played on the Wii. Mother Nature even put on a show of her own, snow! It was the first time Jon had seen snow - pitty it was a week after Christmas - but it for sure made for a lovely night!
Jan 1 - Happy New Year. It was a slow start to the New Year and everyone was very tired. Rolf took Mel, Jon and Alexandra up the Walchwiller Berg sledding while i stayed back and had a nap with Dylan. Wish we had of gone with them though, all the photos they took were amazing and it was hard to choose one.  In the afternoon we played on the Wii again - even Rolf was having fun too.  In the evening i spent nearly 2 hours on hold for one of Becky Higgins Project 365 kits - oh well. 

More photos to come later. 

I wasnt so lucky to get one of Becky's Prokjekt 365 Kit so some friends and I are going to make them ourselves. I have spent the morning trying some things out and i think i have what i am going to use for the year - will post more later on.

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