Saturday, June 27, 2009

When I need inspiration .....

I have been going through old magazines and tearing out pages that inspire me. So yesterday I took the big pile of torn out pages and made them into a booklet of inspiration. I think I got the idea to put them on a binder ring from Lain from one of of Scrap Happy podcasts. Sorry if i am wrong. 

I have stuck each layout onto a 6x4 index card (that i had bought for another purpose and never used - so repurposing!!) and the next to the layout i have written who made the layout and why i love it. 

I have also made a project ideas booklet, and a layout idea booklet.
So no more keeping magazines and not going back to look at them. 

What do you do with the layouts you love from magazines?


Sara Ancich said...

I have always put them into a binder. I like your idea it is much more compact. And good for you for doing the European version of SOS...should be really fun.

mom2three said...

When I need inspiration I go to my google reader- and lots of times I'm inspired by you! Love this project! SO much better than a giant stack of magazines that I might have in my closet... Thanks for sharing!

Karen W said...

I am in awe! I love this idea. I have been doing a 'save as' when I find layouts on line. But I really like this idea