Saturday, June 13, 2009

Having fun with my camera .....

I have been reading a lot lately about my camera and trying to learn as much as i can before my class begins with Karen Russel at the end of the month. This morning we woke to a beautiful almost clear blue sky. A huge change to the rain we have been having lately. Anyway I thought I would go and take some photos from our balcony. 

And here are two of my favorites. 

Yes that is a hot air balloon and the moon in opposite corners. I kept wishing for the hot air balloon to get more in line with the moon but no - the wind didnt want to help me out. 

I almost missed this shot - was to busy looking at the settings on my camera and then all of a sudden Alexandra yelled plane. Would of bee cool when it was closer in line with the moon. 

What i can't get over is how well my camera shoots blue - when reviewing the photos I almost couldnt believe that was the sky. 


Phyllis said...

great pics! villette here we come! thanks also for the b-day wishes ... we'll be celebrating very soon!

Karen W said...

Wow! the colour is wonderful! Great pics