Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer is here!!!!

Wow! Today was a hot one. After the cold weather of last week, where it felt more like the starting of winter rather than summer, its a huge surprise! And guess what - its tipped to get warmer! Think its time to go out and buy a paddling pool for the kiddies.

We are in week 1 of the photographer's workshop with Karen Russel and boy, does the work start today! I was nicely surprised to see how much work was put into just one lesson today - we are covering composition this week. We have 3 assignments to cover with 2 photos per assignment to upload. So i should get back to my desk and do some reading :)

There are still some places in the Shades of Summer Europe Edition :) - will keep it open till the end of the week and then once that passes - i will start the fun!

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