Sunday, June 21, 2009

Those monthly kits ...

I get 2 monthly kits at the moment. One is a mid monthly one from Scrapmuse and the other is from a Germany company called Dani Peuss. I love getting kits! and I am seriously thinking about adding to them and getting Studio Calico too (although my husband will probably have something to say about that too). But before i even go ahead and try and make that decision I have to deal with the kits that are taking over my scrap space. 

Currently when a kit arrives in the mail, I divide it out straight away. So the embellishments go into a zip lock bag and marked with kit club and month and year and the papers stay in the bag they came in and are marked then put into my cropper hoppers. But two cropper hoppers and two "self made" cardboard holders later, I have run out of room for my kits. Also, I tend to forget that I have these older kits and work only with the newest. 

So I have a lot of supplies that i don't use cause they are not in my system - and therefore dont us them.

I currently organize in a couple of ways. Cardstock is by color. Pattern paper is firstly by brand (American crafts, cosmos cricket, pink paislee, making memories, basic grey, scenic route, sei, jillibean soup and sassafras las) and if they dont fit into my fav brands then they get put into another cropper hopper divided by color. Also i have a small amount of paper divided by "theme" (birthday, christmas, wedding etc.) 

So i am seriously thinking about either dividing kits that are older than a year into my system. But the problem here is, if i regret it I cannot go back - that would be impossible. I am then thinking that i will divide the current cropper hopper into 12, one for each month, and then as a new kit comes in i take out the old kit and either use it, divide it out or put it in my give away box for my friends who are just starting out to scrapbook. 

So what do you think? do you get a monthly kit? how do you deal with them? Would love to hear from you!

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