Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emotionally Perfect Photo

Its not just that we are laughing together, but its the memory of how it happened. 
I was about to head to Australia with just Dylan. Rolf and Alexandra were to follow about a week later. Alexandra and I were so sad that we had to say goodbye and the almost 3 year old brain just did not understand that Mama was not going to be there when she got home from playgroup. So I said why don't we take a photo of the two of us, print out a copy and we can carry it around while we are apart. Good idea Mama! So we got in front on my iMac and took some photos. She took her photo with her to playgroup and held it as i walked back home to head to the airport. When i looked back to see if she was ok, she was standing there all sad but that photo was clenched tight in her little hand. 

We have been talking about emotionally perfect photos and everyday photos in the class with Karen Russell and i rushed to upload another photo (very cute photo of Dylan as a Baby - a photo that melts my heart) But i think this photo would of probably fitted better to our assignment this week. Note to self, don't try and do everything straight away - give the old brain some time to think! 

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for your note on my blog. Came over to check yours out too! Look forward to getting to know you better during our class time. So very excited to be doing Karen's course. Did a scrapbooking class with Karen on a cruise in January and she is a brilliant teacher. Chat again soon. Lisa x