Friday, June 26, 2009

Shades of Summer season 2 comes to Europe!!!!!

photo from Elizabeth Kartchner.

So excited to be hosting the European version of Shades of Summer. Elizabeth Kartchner started this great idea up last year. Sending sunglasses from Blogger to Blogger around The States and everyone taking a photo of themselves in the glasses! This year the fun is coming to Europe!
Are you in Europe? And interested in joining in on all the fun?! The keep on reading!


Rules for Shades of Summer 2009:

1 Open Box (Take out sunglasses and don't loose paper with other addresses on it.)

2 Take photo with sunglasses on

3 Print out 4x6 photo and include in box with sunglasses

4 Email Liz and I  a photo of you wearing shades to ShadesOfSummer(at) and Everydaycreativeness(at)

5 Send out glasses within 3 days

6 Each person will pay for their own postage to ship glasses and photos. I will try to organize those who sign up by countries - so that we can keep postage to a minimum.

7 If you are going to be on vacation for longer than 14 days, sorry, please don't enter. And if you will be on vacation please include the dates in the email and I will work around it. :) thanks.

8 Please do not enter if you are moving this summer

Ok I think this is it! So excited to get things going. So email me at everydaycreativeness(at) if you want to join in on the fun!

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