Sunday, February 15, 2009

Using up all my kits!

For some reason, I tend to save my monthly kits that I receive. Not sure why, but I do. Anyway Rolf took the kids out yesterday afternoon so I could scrap, so nice of him. I sat down to do some layouts for the Bushfire Victims and had a great idea. To start using my kits I should make a layout from each of them for the project. It worked out really well and have made 4 already. I then got extra creative motivation to use them up. So for today's layout I did this one.
When I first recieved this kit from ScrapMuse in May 08, I was unsure how to use it as it wasn't "my style" but I am really happy with how this turned out, and must learn to go out of my comfort zone more often. 

So my challange this week is to only use some old monthly kits for my layouts each day. 

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Kylee said...

Kristin, your layout looks fantastic! What a great idea to use up all your kits, and try a different 'style'. Using up all your kits - that's a good reason to buy more!! LOL