Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Library of Memories

Have been in class for almost a week and i have been working hard on our first lesson. Sorting photos. On the weekend I sorted through all of the photos I could fine. There still could be some photos in the basement but they will have to wait till we clean it out this spring. 

So here are my piles of photos. I sorted them first into year and then into season. I am taking a seaon being Dec-Feb Winter - Mar-May Spring - June-August Summer and September-Nov Fall. I have no problem that it is not done by year, but by season. Once all the photos were sorted I got out my new binders and started to get to work. I couldnt find 3-up ring binders like the ones suggested for LOM so I had to find my own. I found these ones in a catalog that i get four times a year. I even get a discount with coupons that i collect. So it only cost me 16.95 swiss francs, thats cheap for Swiss standards ;-). They are black leather and are 5-up. So 3 horizontal pockets and 2 vertical ones.  

I have finished sorting 2005 till the middle of 2008 and hopefully finish the rest tonight. I do though need to order some more albums, but that can wait till next month I have given out enough money this month already. 

Today I also purchased these. 
 Bisley Card Index Cabinet 2 Drawer for 152x102mm Cards 434x403x159mm Grey Ref FCB24-73
Thanks to a fellow LOM student I got the heads up on these in the UK. It just so happens that my friend Fiona is in the UK at the moment and so i asked her if she wouldnt mind bringing them back with her. They arent exactly like Stacy's but close enough for my liking. Not sure what i will do to them to make them more pretty - any suggestions?


Kit said...

wow wht a huge job! Well done.

Karen W said...

You rock! No easy task sorting through that many photos!