Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Blog Look

So what do you think of my new "Blog Couture". If you haven't checked out this website yet, then do it now! The very talented Heidi Swapp as joined up forces with Rhonna Farrer and Janet Hopkins to form the site "House of Three". Other than being able to purchase very reasonably priced "Blog Couture" there is a digital warehouse and kits and lots of other things. Go check it out. 

Hopefully I will get some good light today (not looking good - its raining outside) and take some good photos of my LOAD layouts to share here later on. 


Kylee said...

Kristin, I love the new look blog. I had a quick look at 'House of Three'. I really like it ... Thanks for the 'tip-off' LOL. (I thank you, but my wallet won't!!)

Karen W said...

It was a pleasant surprise when I clicked on your blog. I like the new look. Thanks for sharing where you got it.