Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LOAD - day 10

10 days in and having a blast. Today the two kids fell asleep (unheard of) AT THE SAME TIME!!! So over lunchtime I had some time to be a little creative without kids all around me. Made this layout in that time and I am happy how it turned out. Go to use my most favorite products - American Craft - and use my curvy cutter that i got for Christmas. 

Used the Curvy Cutter "segments" to make the wave on the patterened paper and the "circle" template to make the groups of circles. Just used from the third smallest circle up and just kept going up 1 making 1/8th inch bigger circles (without taking away the paper). I then alternated the groups of circles so that there were gaps in between. Really happy with how it turned out and think I will for sure use it on more layouts in the future. 

You probably can't really see the photo clearly but this is one of my fav photos of Alexandra at 18 months old. We were playing with bubbles and they are all around her on the photo. She was getting so excited. 

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