Monday, February 23, 2009

Just not really sure about this one.

The Feb kit from Scrapmuse arrived today and I was so excited about receiving it I got straight into making a layout. I used the sketch from the newsletter and off i went. I was thinking if i work from a sketch how long can this take, max an hour right. How wrong was I. I worked on this layout nearly all day, in between seeing to the kids. Kept going away and thinking about it and coming back and trying new things. Just couldnt get it to work for me. This is what i ended up with in the end. There are a lot of things I love about it, but some things I am really not sure about. But hey thats life right!

I do though, LOVE the journalling. It came to me as I was writing the first sentence and I think it is perfect for the photo. That doesn't happen often. 

Oh and wanted to say a big Hi to Karen - good to see you back! Love your recent photos. I for some reason can't post on your blog but I just wanted to say that your comments here are loved! Thanks!!!

The next thing that is playing on my mind is our trip to Australia. It is only around the corner, only 11 days till we fly out. I was thinking as i started to pack today (dont want any last minute packing here!) that might take something to do on the plane. Do you think I am crazy? Maybe make some cards from scraps? I wont have a trimmer or scissors so would have to be a bit organized but was thinking of putting 20+ hours on a plane to good use. Think will take a sketch book for sure. What do you think am I crazy even thinking about doing this??

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Angie (Australia) said...

Go for it... If you don't use the stuff , no harm done, RIGHT? You'll be ahead next time. If you do it will sure make the flight go faster. 2o hrs YUK.. 5 from Perth is bad enough LOL. Have a lovely trip.