Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am connected again!!!!!

I am so glad to be connected to the internet again. It has taken a lot of phone calls and fixing of our line and almost everything is up and running. Just waiting for a new modem so that our wireless works again, now i have to get used to having a cable running across the room to my Mac. 

I have been really busy with my layout a day challenge for this month. Having a lot of fun doing it and will post some of my layouts here at the weekend. I have been ordering a lot of photos today too. Cause I am getting ready for Library of Memories which starts a week today! So so excited about this. 

Ok better go and get my little boy some milk, he is ready for bed.  

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Kylee said...

Yihaa! Online again - welcome back! ;) We don't realise how much we use our internet and rely on it (and miss it when it decides to 'down tools'! LOL). I can't wait to see some of your layouts!

Have you heard about the temperatures here? Weather bureau predicts 44 degress this weekend in Sydney, and North Queensland is flooding!!!! It's a mad old world!!