Sunday, November 2, 2008

My scrap space

So i have been a reader of the 
for awhile now. I thought that this month would be a good time to jump in to her monthly organizing! This month was the craft/sewng room, which wa
s perfect timing because I have been redoing my space. After a trip to IKEA and some help from my friend P
hyllis I am almost there.  I will note here that my scrap space is a corner in my kids playroom, so it was a challenge to get the right set up. 

as you can see, my space was a huge mess

here is my new cabinet. I still need to find some storage
 baskets for the bottom but other than that i am really happy with this storage piece

This is a look inside the first fold down compartment. 
I have stored all my flowers in jars on the top left, by color, the smaller jars to the right hold my small embellishments again by color. The wooden boxes hold from left to right, Misc tools, Altered Art matierla, Adhesive, Xyron Adhesive.  The metal containers on the fold down part hold my ribbon - my fav part of this cabinent is that its metal!

These metal containers are magnets so they stay in place when its closed. I just love them and have used them also in other places in my space. Here they hold my loose ribbon, again by color. 
Here is the second compartment - top right. 
This holds my Xyron Sticker machines and also some catorgarie draws. I am mainly organizing by color, but i felt that there were certain things that i would want to find not through my color system so i have made the following catergories. Holidays (including easter, halloween, christmas, new years), birthdays, travel and seasons, and the final draw holds family, baby and kids. 

So that is the first part, as you can see the photos are not the best, so i will have to wait for some sun (we are stuck in fog presently) to take some better photos of the rest. 

It is for sure still a work in progress as i need to work a little in it to make the final decsions. Also i need to buy some more paper storage and need to find photos boxes that can hold my photo catorgries. Difficult to find here. 


Ornery's Wife said...

Pretty cool new cabinet! I don't have any metal in my craft room, but I can see the benefit of having those little magnetic containers. I'm thinking brads, little embellishments, ... yeah, great potential. Congrats on the redo! Hope you have many happy crafting hours ahead now that you are organized!

Phyllis said...

love how the ribbon turned out - better than i thought for sure!

Avlor said...

How cool! That's such an awesome use of that cabinet!

JanMary said...

Thanks for sharing - I love to see the before and after pics of a project!