Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am rather sad

I am feeling rather sad today. Even though it has been now a day over 3 weeks since i sent my packages to my swap buddies in the States they have still not received them :(. 

I wish there was something i could do. Fingers crossed that it is just the up coming holidays which is the reason they are taking so long to get to them. 

So Christine and Rachel, again so sorry that they have still not arrived and if they havent arrived by Wednesday next week the guy in the post office is going to get an ear full. 

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mom2three said...

Oh please don't feel sad! I'm really looking forward to receiving my package (ask the mailman who I nearly attack every day) and honestly, the waiting just adds to the fun! I know that I have a little something special just for me on it's way, and that makes me feel special.

Hope that you have a great day!