Sunday, November 23, 2008

2 things from my kitchen

So i thought i would quickly show you two things that i really love in my kitchen. 

I love fizzy water. Really did not like it when i first came to Switzerland but i do now. It can get pricy though. So we converted about a year or so ago to a Soda Club machine and bottles. We don't put in any of the flavoring that you can buy with it. Just fill it up with the lovely Swiss water from the tap and keep them in the fridge. When we need fizzy water, just put it in the machine and press the button a couple of times and hey presto! Fizzy Water! This last week i finally bought some new bottles - and I so love the colors i chose. Its nice to bring some bright colors into the winter season!

2. The second thing i love is my sink! We were lucky enough to renovate our apartment 2 years ago and we chose pretty much everything. Again very lucky. After looking at loads of sinks we finally decided on this one below. It has taken me two years to start to use it properly though. Last night when i was chopping up vegetables for a soup I thought hey i should be using the attachments for my sink for this. So i put on the silver trays on each side of the chopping board and off i went. The chopped veg was moved to the right and the stuff I couldn't use went to the left, easily tipped then into my green bucket for compost collection. 

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