Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are all enjoying eating lots of yummy turkey and everything that goes with it!

Even though i do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I think the idea of giving thanks is a brilliant idea. And so with that in mind i have been thinking today a lot of what i am thankful for. And the first obvious is that i am thankful for my beautiful family. My husband who is ever understanding and supportive, my children who bring a smile to my face on the dullest of days, their unconditional love. But i am also thankful for my friends, who are my family here in Switzerland. Without having my own parents and sister here i found that my friends have really become my family and without them i do not know what i would do. I am thankful for living in a fantastic country, it is safe, tidy and just beautiful and the perfect place to bring up children. Even though it couldn't be father from my family in Australia, it is the perfect place for me to be at the moment, today, and I appreiciate everything that that allows me to do and be. 

A note to my swapers - I asked the guy at the Post office yesterday when i can expect that your packages should arrive. He said up to 21 working days since i sent it. So it is getting close to you i promise. But i was then told my an American friend yesterday that to never send anything by B post to the States, it takes forever. So i am really sorry that i sent it B-post and i have for sure learnt my lesson. Happy Thanksgiving!

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