Sunday, November 30, 2008

My turn to vote

Ok - so its not as big of a deal as voting for a President, but i take voting very seriously. So when i moved to Switzerland I was rather sad that i missed out on voting in elections back in Australia. I could of done an absentee vote for a bit but it was a little too complicated. Anway so when i was able to become Swiss i jumped at the chance. Not only to have the same citizenship as my husband and kids, but also that i could vote, to make a difference in my new home. So a year ago I become Swiss (didn't loose my Australian passport for those curious to know) and now i can vote. 

Switzerland is a great place to be if you love to vote. They vote on everything, and i love it! So today (well i filled out the form and posted it a week ago) we are voting in no less then 7 referendums and 1 election for our village's "president". Pretty cool. 

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