Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've had one of those moments.

Well, my best friend, back in Australia had a baby yesterday, and i could not be happier for her and her husband, they had a little boy and i just can't wait to meet him (have to wait till March :( )

Anyway after talking to her this morning, i started my daily routine and started to think. My mind started to run quite quickly, like it always does, i started thinking, she had an emergancy c section and i thought, oh who helped her out, who helped her make decisions, and the first people that came to my mind were her parents. But then i realised, no not her parents, she and her husband made all the decsions, we are adults now, married with kids of our own. We are the adults. And she just had a baby.   (insert shocked face here)

But hang on, it was just yesterday that we were playing in my backyard in the pool, or at her house on the canels, it was us celebrating our birthdays and having the most rememable birthday parties with fairy bread and ice cream in soft drinks, . Eating marinated chicken wings (yum!) and pumpkin soup. Its funny, whenever i have any of those things i think of her straight away. 

Reality check that was 18 years ago, 18 years .... where in earth does time go. 

Not sure why it took her to have a baby for it to dawn on me that we are all grown up now. I have 2 kids of my own and have been married 5 years, so it could of hit me in a number of life changing moments over the past 5 years. But no, it happened today. 

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mom2three said...

I'm so happy that your friend & baby are doing well. What a lovely photo of the 2 of you! I wanted to say happy birthday to your son- and don't forget to take a minute to appreciate how you've grown as a mom over the past year! Birthdays are all about the kids, but without a great mom they wouldn't have much to celebrate. Hope you have a FANTASTIC day!