Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well it is over ....

I did it! I finished the Ali Edward's Challenge, A Week in the life of me - well us, our family. I was unsure if i would make it all the way to the end or get enough photos, but i for sure did. I took a grand total of 653 photos this week, i know 653! At my first look i got it down to 425 but there was no way all of them could fit into one album. So i did a final cut and ordered 181 photos. On average i will have 20 photos a day to scrap, some days (like today) there will be more. 

So here are some of my weekend photos

A surprise brought home by Rolf from England
What a sunset after a very cold day
Dylan's first pair of shoes
Dylan loving the swing
And a big happy 7th birthday to my nephew Ronny!!!!

So the fun now begins. I am for sure going to keep it simple, as I really do not want to take away from the photos as they will be telling my story! Not sure how much journalling i will write, i think that will be a see as i go along thing. 

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