Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little about ME!

Something i found over at Emilie Ahern's Blog
Thought it would be nice to share a little about me!

I am: Kristin

I think: of everything that can go wrong

I know: that tomorrow will be another day

I want: a weekend to myself

I have: a cold

I dislike: very hot weather

I miss: my family and friends in Australia

I fear: that someone i love will get ill

I feel: rather exhusted but happy

I smell: nothing (due to cold ; ) )

I crave: white chocolate mousse with baileys

I cry: when things get too much

I usually: go to bed early

I search: for the good in everyone

I wonder: whether i will ever finish university

I regret: not having a career

I wish: that i can someday work for myself, have my own store

I love: my kids and my man, Rolf!

I care: for everyones problems (and that drives Rolf crazy!)

I always: put toothpast on Rolf's toothbrush if i go to bed before him

I am not: brave 

I remember: my birthday parties as a child, and want to recreate them for my kids

I believe: what comes around goes around

I sing: ALL THE TIME! 

I don't always: fold up the washing, and it piles and piles up

I argue: when things get too much for me

I write: more and more, each year a little more than the last

I win: 

I loose: my hair after i have been pregnant.

I don't understand: why people don't think before they act

I can usually be found: with a paper trimmer in hand!

I need: to finally organize my entire home again

I forget: to do the recycling when the kids are on holidays, and it piles up

I am happy: with life

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