Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a great surpise!

When my husband came in with the mail this morning, to my surprise there was an unfamilar letter on top. When i opened it, it was from one of my fav blogs, scrapbookers - Emilie Ahern.
So i got a great mini album so i can participate in that great challenge Stacy Julien put out in the big world of blogs on October 1st.

I have got all the photos printed and ready to go in, just got to wait for the kids to go to bed tonight to get a start on it! 

Next on my task for today was to orgaize some of my bookmarks. There was way too many sites under blogs so i divided them up (and purged through them at the same time for ones i dont read anymore) and now i think they are in more managable groups. Not 100% happy yet but it is for sure a start. 

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

cute book! love emilie!

have fun putting your photos in!