Monday, October 13, 2008

My scrap space

Very exciting news! My new furniture has arrived for my scrap space. Not sure when i  will get to figuring out where everything will go as the piece my husband bought is much bigger than i imagined. So it is going to take some moving around to figure out the perfect set up. As you can maybe see, i share a room with my kids toys, the idea is that i can scrap while they play. Not sure if this will always be this way as there is another opition of moving my exercise things into the playroom and my scrap space into our bedroom. We will just have to see what happens!

 So while i am doing this, take a look at my before picture. You can see how much in need i am for better storage!

So all of you out there in Blog World - what is your top tip for organizing a scrap space? 

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