Sunday, July 26, 2009

While looking for baskets

Of course, when you go shopping for a specific thing, you can never find it. Yesterday we all headed to Interio, a home decor store. Rolf took the kids to the outside ball pit and slide while i had 20 mins to myself to find some baskets for our shoe rack. I did not find any baskets that would fit (well i may of been able to, but forgot to bring the piece of paper with the dimensions on it - yes silly me - but hey I have been sick) But I did find some other things that i loved!

I did not buy them, started with a new theory of taking a photo of them first going away and thinking about them before buying!

Look at these chopping boards (i actually do need new chopping boards!) No cross contamination can happen with these ones - one for fish, one for meat, one for veg, the fourth one i can't figure out but maybe for dairy?

And then i came across these great soap dispenser and place for a sponge! Love the retro feeling and it came in some great colors!

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