Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally we go to the Transport Museum!

Yesterday we headed out with Fiona with Harrison and Logan and Natasha and Nate to the Transport Museum in Luzern. We had a great time despite the weather playing games with us. Typically it starts to pour with rain and get harder and harder when i am pushing a pram with two boys in it from the carpark to the enterance!

We had a great time exploring all there was to see. Here are a couple of photos of my kids from the day.

Dylan playing with the cars

Alexandra played with the cars too.

Walking like they were in space!
They had a ton of scooters outside for everyone to use. They were all different sizes so there were some for everyone!

We will be back for sure! Especially as we found out that the yearly pass isnt that expensive!


Anonymous said...

Really glad you enjoyed your day.
We did this today too for the first time in ages, and I have very similar photos LOL! It has changed alot since we went last and we had a great time. Well worth it.

Lesley said...

Oops, the last message was from me....

Phyllis said...

loved the pics ... guess i need to go again - perhaps when my parents are here ... should be fun for my dad too! hope your head is okay ... sorry i haven't been around much this weekend but i'm sure we'll chat :)

Karen W said...

What a wonderful place! Looks like they werec all having fun.