Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update on my paper storage and a layout!

Not sure if i ever updated after i did some organizing of my cardstock and patterned paper and my monthly kits. So here are some photos.

I have organized my cardstock by color. I have mostly Bazzill Cardstock, but have started stocking up American Crafts Cardstock too. I really love AC Cardstock as I use AC pattern paper a lot so i love that it is easier to match! Just wished someone here in Switzerland would start stocking it and I didnt have to keep getting it from the UK.

At the front of the cropper hoppers above are 3 file folders. I love them, and don't know what i did without them. The hold my current projects that i am working on and so if i get a spare moment I pull one of them out and work on a project. It also works well for me to stop myself starting more projects that i can handle (which i am well known for doing)

Here is my pattern paper. I sort firstly by manufacturer, which really works for me. Then there are some papers that i don't have enough of to sort that way so i sort them by color or multi color/ pattern.
This is my new kit club organizing system. I have used 12 dividers with each month labelled on each divider. As a new kit comes in each month, i take out the old kit and replace it with the new one. I then try and use the old kit for a couple of days and then the leftovers are then sorted into my regular stash.

Each section in my cropper hopper has a zip lock bag in the front of the papers. Here i store all the scraps that i want to keep together. It's really working well and I have them also in front of each month for my kits.

And finally I started scrapping again and have a layout to share! I used the July kit from Dani Peuss and that ribbon is from Making Memories.

Today I finally was able to take my photo for Shades of Summer and will be sending on the glasses tomorrow!

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Karen W said...

I have to say you rock! Thanks for sharing your paper stash. I really love the layout