Friday, July 10, 2009

Is it too early to plan for Christmas?

Yes you read right!

I have started thinking about Christmas. Not sure what started it. Maybe that we are now under 6 months till Christmas, or maybe it's that we have been planning our Christmas holiday to Australia these past weeks. But whatever the reason, I really need to be organized this year. No last minute presents, all well planned out is my goal this year.

We are going on a road trip for a couple of weeks before christmas so i have to have all my presents done before then. And as we will not be in Switzerland for christmas this year i have to make sure that all the presents are bought, wrapped and delivered for all the famiyl here, before we head down under in the middle of November. Yes the MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER. Thats when i usually start thinking about christmas.

So things on my to do list this month:
1. Make a gift list
2. Figure out what gifts i want to make
3. Start process of making calendars.
- choose photos
- choose design
4. Start making Yearly highlight DVD - super easy now i have my seasonal highlights set up from Library of Memories.
5. Make Holiday card list
6. Start looking around for 25 days of christmas album.
7. Start gift suggestion list for our presents (my parents and grandparents always want to know what to get the kids! The gifts have to be smallish and light cause we have to bring them back home from Australia - not an easy task)

So do you think i am crazy? Do you usually make Christmas gifts? Any ideas you want to share?


Angie (Australia) said...

Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi! have been supr busy at work amongst other things lately. My neice is getting married in Maleny at the end of the month, I have been on invitation, place card and bombonerie duty. Aswell as being official photographer when I get there. Also we have decided to move back as well. So packing etc. We are going to the sunshine coast around Cooloum Beach area and should be back by the end of Sept if all goes to plan. Definately back by Christmas, maybe we could catch up when you are over??? ANyway have fun with your shades of summer, sounds like fun. Talk soon

Karen W said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading your list. Getting organized early will sure let you enjoy the holiday. I have to say the year I did a cruise that landed me hone on the 23rd of Dec, I had to be organized before we left. It was the best holiday season - can't say that has happened again (best laid plans an all)