Sunday, July 19, 2009

catch up day

Today was catch up day:

Caught up on laundry!

Caught up on bills!

Caught up on a couple of to do lists including writing up the recipes we love in excel so no more excuses of not knowing what to cook (want to make them into a book once I am caught up on other projects)

I also compiled my list of half finished projects so that I don't start any others till I finish them.

Got to talk to my dad, my sister and my grandma

Talked with Rolf about our Australian trip but didn't book flights .....yet

Packed the swimming bag ready for Alexandras first swimming class tomorrow.

So I am ready for a new week!

1 comment:

Karen W said...

Kristin, you rock! I love that you have made a list of projects that need completing so you don't start something new.