Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Loving the Sneak Peeks!

Have you been loving the sneak peeks the manufacturers have been giving over the past weeks getting ready for CHA at the end of the month? I sure have been really excited about some of the lines that are being released.

Today i saw that Cosmo Cricket have sneaked their new lines:

Loving this one from the Earth Love line:
This one from the Boyfriend Line
And this one from the Jolly by Golly lineJolly_sneak2
American Crafts have also given some great sneaks over the past weeks.

Loving all the new Thicker Fonts but these are for sure a fav:

Loving this from their Halloween collection, especially as it has the OCT 31 date on it - just happens to be my son's birthday!
Also love this made from the collection. Think i am going to use it as inspiration for Dylan's birthday invitations.

Love these stamps as well as the pens for stamping as well as the pink Embossing dryer.

What are you fav sneaks?

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