Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Storing those punches

I read a post over at Scrapbook Obsession today about how she organizes her punches and thought that i would share how I organize my punches.
I have these rails and baskets from IKEA, they are so cheap and were easy to put up (well they were for me as my husband got the job to put them up!) I really love having my punches right there above my workspace. My larger punches are up the top, smaller ones just below and then those that don't fit hanging on the metal rods are in the basket below the smaller punches.

The only down side is that i have little marks (which are there because I am not so careful when taking them off and putting them away) on my walls from some of the punches - but that doesnt bother me at all cause it's hidden when the punches are in the place. Got to compromise somewhere!

Before I had this I used to store them in a little tote just like Erika over at Scrapbooking Obsession!


Anonymous said...

I like that whole wall system you have going on. It's nice when things are in easy reach.

Karen W said...

I love how you store the punches! If you can see it you will use it!