Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 2

Yesterday I actually worked so hard on doing as much as I could around the house. So after picking up the rubbish etc and going through and decluttering the open surfaces i continued on to the living areas. 

We have a really open living space so the dining, lounge and office areas all blend into each other (The kitchen does too but i didnt touch that yet!)

Here are some before photos - looking from the lounge area over to the office area
The office area is the place where most of the clutter gathers, including our recycling and lots of toys and anything that doesnt have a home.

I almost dont recognize the office space now. Looks fantastic. I am going to buy some baskets to fit into the glass shelves so i can store things better without making it look messy. I usually collect our recycleable papers here. 
The lounge room looks great. I really cleaned and tidied EVERYTHING. Went through all the cupboards and drawers and got rid of things we dont use. 

This is looking over from the dining area over to the lounge and office areas. Looks so great. Wouldnt let the kids play there in the afternoon at all - wanted to savour this clean and decluttered space as long as possible. 

The dining room wasnt hard to do. Just a good clean and dust. I went through the books in the cabinent and got rid of some of those! 
The only thing I have left to do in this area is to clean the windows - any guess what, thats not my job to do! hopefully Rolf will do it on the weekend - otherwise my Father in law (who usually does it this time of the year when we are on holidays!) will do it. Lucky me!


Kylee said...

Kristen, you've done a great job with the Spring cleaning!

I love the little touches of Australia that you have to remind you of sunny Queensland!

Buffie said...

Wow, you've been busy. It looks great. And I completely understand about not letting the kids play in there so you can savor the cleanliness for awhile. My daughter is like a tornado going through and messing things up. We're working on getting her to clean up, but that's definitely a work in progress.

Rana said...

Your living space looks great. Keep up the good work.

I love the painting over your office area.

Phyllis said...

looks great ... especially love the surf board picture frame where it is now rather than where it was!

Chris Clark said...

It looks wonderful. And I know what you mean about wanting to keep it just right. My poor husband tried to leave a magazine on the coffee table. I was like "What are you doing?! I cleaned all day!" He quietly took his magazine somewhere else to put away.

Lisa said...

Looks Great! It's inspiring and motivating to me! I'm loving the view you have from this room- it looks like where you live is beautiful! Happy Spring Cleaning!

Tsh said...

Your place really looks good! And I recognize those Ikea chairs. :)

Sara Ancich said...

What a great feeling.

Algebra Teacher said...

I know that drill of not letting the toys creep back in. I have tried to get my 5 year old to understand that he can bring out only one thing at a time. Then that must be put away before he brings something new out. We're trying anyway.

Abbie said...

Your place looks so wonderful all put away! Great job! And, I love the view you have out your window, really beautiful!