Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning and Eye for Design

So today hasn't worked out how i wanted it to :(. My 18 month old has decided to cry - allllll day long and now has left me feeling drained and tired - so today will be an official break day for my spring cleaning. I have done all the work on the living area so i think i deserve it! Tomorrow starts the kitchen (my worst nightmare - and even thinking of changing out the days of the bathroom and kitchen) 

Anyway, yesterday I did this layout for my Eye for Desing (Color creative) class at Got crafts? with Chritsy Thomlinson. 

The sketch I used was from the Scrap Review (i think). I drew inspiration for my color combination from this ad from Home Depot in an old Real Simple. I used more muted tones. This ad really grabbed me when I was flipping through the magazine and it has been sitting on my bedside ready for me to be inspired to use it. So glad I am taking this class!

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