Sunday, May 17, 2009

So what happened to the spring cleaning ....

.... well it went out the window. 

I did manage to do most of this place with the exception of our bedroom and a good clean of the kids room but i am happy with what i did for now. We have a couple of huge weeks ahead of us so I am just happy with what i got done. 

There is a ton of ironing though piling up now. And of course there is my new camera to play with. Figured out today that the old lenses from my Grandad's old SLR work with my new baby - so i have gone to having one to three lenses! I just cannot wait for class to start


MsAP143 said...

Hi There!
I see how you love to scrapbook.
You do very nice work. :)
And your craft room looks fantastic! Very neat and organized!

I thought, since like crafts... you might enjoy this website, in order to store all your craft supplies and keep your stuff organized.


You should check it out!
They have amazing stuff! :)

You might be able to find something else to add to your craft room!

MsAP143 said...

Btw... here's the actual link to the site I mentioned yesterday...

TheOriginalScrapboxI really think you'll enjoy it! :)