Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's someone's birthday ......

Today is my lovely husband, Rolf's birthday. He is an amazing person, Papa, Husband and friend. He even doesn't mind at all that I have some great friends popping over from London for the weekend. 
So in honor of this special day, I have been working on this list. Think i will have to make it into my layout of the day today!

38 reasons I love you, Rolf Reinhard.

1. I love how you get up to the kids in the morning when they deceide to get up early. You even close our door so that they don't come in a wake me up! 
2. I love that if you brush your teeth before I do you put toothpaste on my toothbrush.
3. I love that you work so hard and set a great example for others
4. I love that you try your hardest to get home before the kids go to bed - so they can have some Papa time
5. I love that you are a great Papa - the best and the kids love you for that. 
6. I love how you take Alexandra to the driving range even though you know you won't get any practice in. 
7. I love that you take the rubbish bags down (I hate doing this)
8. I love that you will take the kids out of a Sunday afternoon if it looks like i "need" to scrapbook
9. I love that you have never complained that i go out too much
10. I love that you never complain about the amount of scrapbooking supplies I have - or buy. 
11. I love that you encourage me to go home to Australia every year even though it makes out budget a little tight. 
12. I love that you will spend time with my Grandad chatting about anything he wants to talk about. I love that and it makes me happy to see you two get along so great. 
13. I love that you are really into a sport i totally understand!
14. I love that you will come to all those kids birthday parties and will watch the kids so i can chat with my friends!
15. I love that you see how important that the kids learn english and have made it our "family" language!
16. I love that you love watching Charlie and Lola with the kids as much as I do! 
17. I love that you read Alexandra a story every night you are home - she loves her Papa time. 
18. I love how you sing the Goodnight song on Cbeebies 
19. I love that you try and have Breakfast with us as often as you can - and I love that Alexandra LOVES this part of her day. 
20. I love that when you print something out for me you put it into a folder so its already for me to use 
21. I love that you never comment on how bad a i look, or how tired. 
22. I love that you helped me out so much when i had back issues. Holding my hand at the DRs. Driving me to the physio or for injections
23. I love that you were with me for the birth of both of our kids! Helped me to keep on going when giving birth to Alexandra and holding my hand during the c section with Dylan 
24. I love that you didnt let Dylan out of your sight after he was born. 
25. I love that you change as many nappies as I do! 
26. I love that you think every piece of art Alexandra brings home from school is a Master piece in your eyes
27. I love that you are great on the BBQ!
28. I love that you try and bring as much as Australia into our life in Switzerland as you can
29. I love that you got our flag pole fixed and that you only ordered an Australian flag. 
30. I love that you are a fantastic cook and that you clean up after you cook!
31. I love that you put my grandparents and my family first and chose to get married in Australia with none of your family present
32. I love that you never complain that I haven't ironed. 
33. I love that you love quality things and try to buy local as much as you can
34. I love that you try and buy as much fairtrade products as possible
35. I love that you take Alexandra to church
36. I love that you donate to special causes and don't tell anyone about it. 
37. I love how you help out people in need with your finanical knowledge and expect nothing in return.

and most of all  
38. I love that you married me!

Happy Birthday Rolf - hope that you have a really special day!
Love you heaps!

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Phyllis said...

happy birthday rolf! btw - seeing the fair trade thing made me think, did he ever try the store in cham? have a great time with your friends and we'll catch up on monday :).