Sunday, May 3, 2009

May is a little busy ....

As usual I have probably taken on more than i can chew this month. 

I am still doing Library of Memories with Stacy Julian at Big Picture Scrapbooking. 
We are currently still on break week until Thursday. I have a lot of things to do still. Today I am planning on finishing up my category drawers. 

Then tomorrow this new class that I radomly came across on a couple of blogs and figured I just had to try it out. Eye for Design (color creative) with Christy Tomlinson at Got Crafts. 

I have never taken a class at Got Crafts but i am sure it is going to be great. I am really interested in learning more about color and color combs, so hopefully at the end of the class I will have learnt a lot. 

Then in just under 2 weeks, Cathy Zielske's class Everyone can write a little at BPS is starting! 

Again, super excited about taking this class, cause Cathy is a fantastic teacher and very entertaining! 

Then there is LOAD
So all of these classes will keep me busy so that I can keep posting a layout a day over at the LOAD group on Flickr. 31 layouts is going to be more of a challenge than just 28 like in Feb. 

My layout today
Day 3 - My Kids by you.
From Jessica Sprague's free class on her website. 

Also there is my Gratitude Spinner Class from Ali Edwards that I need to start at some point, but think that might just have to be a June project!

So what do you have planned for May? Anything exciting? Lots to do. 

Oh and I almost forgot that I am trying to do the Spring Cleaning this next weeks. Now I am going to be super busy!

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